WING STOP Spicy Chicken Wings + Cheese Fries! MUKBANG (Eating Show)

Eating Wingstop habanero mango and spicy BBQ boneless chicken wings with parmesan fries, cheese dip, and ranch! I made a strawberry margarita and tropical Hurricane cocktail for my drinks on the side =)

Let's be friends!

8:40 Were you ever bullied in high school/what did you look like?
10:20 Are you going to show us a fat photo?
11:00 Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
12:00 Favorite restaurant to pig out at in LA?
13:02 Have you ever been stood up on a date?
16:45 Have you ever been friend zoned?
18:40 Do you like to do things with friends or alone? Introverted or extroverted?
19:10 Would you ever dye your hair or cut it short?
20:45 Have you ever received negativity in real life about being a mukbanger?
21:56 When have you drank the most?
22:40 Have you been on any recent Tinder dates that you haven’t talked about?
23:20 Celebrity girl crush?
24:30 Will you ever collab with any other you tubers?
26:15 Have you ever banged a youtuber? (-_-)
26:48 Are you friends with Luke?
28:40 How tall are you?
28:46 Do you have a special someone/crush?

Business inquiries only:

Thank you for watching! =)

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